Meeting Rachel P.

Meeting people and making friends via the Internet in these days of paedophiles and identity theft artists is akin to  building your home on a flood plain or walking down main street waving a thousand dollars in the air - you're just looking for trouble.

Or so one would think. But one would be wrong.

Another delightful treat of our recent trip to the UK was meeting Rachel. Rachel is a United Reformed minister based in Kendal Cumbria, in the United Kingdom. Her special task these years is to assist a group of their churches as they try to make transitions into the place God is calling them to go.

Quite a task indeed.

Anyway, I met Rachel via this space, and as it turns out she has become a great new friend.

Praying, eating, laughing together over the same jokes. Sharing stories and histories, hopes and a couple of dreams, really became for us another delight of this trip.

The Internet can be a wonderful place to meet new friends, even from around the world. Then go meet them in person!

God Bless this Internet thing and all who meet in her.

She is a blessing indeed.

(Rachel I mean.
And the Internet too I guess.)

Rachel and Lauralea


  1. Hey, just wanted to say that I've really been enjoying your post-trip posts. It seems that the Isles have inspired you!

  2. Didn't realise that our body language had started to mirror each other's in such a short time. Spooky !

  3. See- we really ARE Kindred Spirits! Good thing we were only there for a day- who knows what bad habits I might have rubbed off onto you! Although... maybe some of your good habits would have rubbed off onto me... maybe I would have started to grow a few inches taller or something...

    : )


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