Another Dragon Slain

Friday, August 24, 2007
Well look at me, I'm all MySql expert and Wordpress back up and upgrade guy!!

Bring on the nuclear science or brain surgery or some equal task cause I'm pretty sure that at this point in my life I could handle that with ease.

And for the record, Wordpress 2.2.2 is so much better than 2.0. The Editor alone was worth the effort and price (FREE!).

This was a part of the project I wanted to complete before I am back at work on Tuesday.

So there you go.

If, and when you find any site snags, le'me know and I'll make it all better.


  1. What?? You're going to have to walk me through this, man...

  2. Well lets start with this template first. With the upgrade I needed to upgrade my template too, so no pictures, yet.

    But we'll see.

  3. Good Job Randall. I'm still kicking out WP 1.5. My host upgraded me awhile back in a new folder (the bonus of the blog not being my index page) but I haven't gotten around to moving things. It took me so long to get the theme looking somewhat like the rest of my site that I'm afraid to commit to making any big changes work again.

    I'm due for a new look soon anyway. Maybe once the cold comes I'll pick a theme & build my site around that even if it isn't the preferred method.


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