4 days left

Friday, August 24, 2007
Well, four more days of break left, and I think I am really ready to get back at it.

This summer has been a gift to me, and I've appreciated it so much. It's hopeful to me that I feel ready to get back at it.

Now, as for what "It" is.

This is an opportunity to come back into the work with people who have had some opportunities to do some of the things I used to do. Rather than have me move back in and kick them out of their work, we will need to see who's doing what well and who would like to continue, without having me just pick up where I left off.

But, for today, that lawn calls to me. And it might just be dry enough to cut it, finally.

And Thomas is working and Micah is sick as a dog, (If the dog were sick...) and he has been for about three weeks already. Read: "What did I do with my summer holidays? I was SICK..."

So I better get at it. I still have one more big project left before work starts again.


  1. If someone does a job very poorly and they don't realize that they suck at it and their heart is all into it would you ask them to quit?

  2. Hmm, I suppose it depends on what it is they do.

    I've been on administrative boards in which we've had to let people go, not because their hearts were not in it, nor because they didn't work hard, it's just that they were unable to do the work.

    That's tough, but sometimes needed for the good of the community, ...I think.

    If it's a job then we need to walk with the individual to see what their strengths are.

    But the thing I've learned this past year is that working harder isn't a solution to the needs of a busy job, working better or smarter is.

    And again, sometimes a job grows beyond an individual. If Gateway grew by 400 people I'd probably have to quit because I don't know how to pastor a group that size.



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