I don't know that we're making ground here.

Thursday, August 23, 2007
Feels like the further we come the more ground we loose.



  1. So true. I wonder if the more natural beauty a girl has does not make her more vulnerable to being objectified, especially if she sees her beauty as her only valuable commodity.

  2. Working in media I find myself very critical of those that blame media for problems in our society. I am sure our pregnancy rates for teens were not as high when our life expectancy was lower and it was legal for 11 year old to get married.This is not to mention the same things she talks about applies to men. The ads she skips also project youthful men as attractive, look at viagra commercials or even the reason viagra exists or the fact that any jean commercial will focus on the ass regardless of sex. Hell I have an eating disorder that I blame on work cause I don't have the time, when the simple solution is make the time. The fact of the matter is that it is a social problem and it depends on that society. Some people are not subjective to the media and those that are maybe should have been taught as a child that they shouldn't believe everything they are told/see/hear in the media. Taking things out of context to prove your point doesn't make it the right point.


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