Getting a shower in

Sunday, August 12, 2007
Tonight just as I was tucking myself into my comfy bed with my Grrrreat Pilla, I remembered there was to be a shower tonight, the Perseid meteor shower to be exact.

So I got up and put some pants on and went outside with the camera and tripod and let the 15 second shutter delay do the best that it could do.

I got one good little shot in.

Meteor Shower

Then the clouds came and I got bored,

Stars & Clouds

so i did this too.

My name in lights!

What is it with guys who get bored and feel the need to write their names with whatever they have handy?

(Click on the images to take you to their place on Flickr where you can check out larger versions. I've got more pictures there too.)

Quite an amazing, beautiful night out there, the stars were different colours too.

Very inspiring.


  1. So I'm not the only one! Dixie always mocks me for scribbling my name on things.

  2. I thought about trying to get some shots, but it was a long weekend, I was tired and the city lights weren't going to help my efforts.

    I was tinkering with the moon when it was full and managed to make it look almost like day in my current picture of the week on my website index.

    How did you write your name like that Randall? I need new batteries for my laser pointers too...

  3. I put it on a 15 sec exposure, then took my led flashlight and "Wrote" my name in front of the shot.

    Then on the computer I flipped the image so it faced "Backwards" and there you go!!

    Juwt a nice discovery with my led flashlight.

  4. It was so cloudy early in the evening that I wrote off the idea of watching the Perseids. I guess I shouldn't have given up so easily.
    By the way, my experience in air-writing doesn't extend much beyond the use of weiner-roasting sticks with glowing ends. Low tech compared to LEDs.


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