A lovely way to start the week

...by taking a test.

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Nothing really new there, except the strength of the "Introverted." I didn't think I was that far out there.

Anyway, i am what i am.

Thanks LT.


  1. I'm the INTJ "strategist". (who is two times as likely to be male)

    I always knew you were too touchy-feely.

  2. hey, I'm more Thinking than I am Feeling I'll have you know.

  3. I've done Myers-briggs before and from memory I'm ESFP, but in 2 areas I'm almost totally borderline, and have strong characteristics on BOTH sides of the line.

    BTW you must remember that 'introverted' doesn't mean the same as we normally use it here. In this context it refers to what energises you - you have a clear and strong preference for solitude and quiet, and that's why you scored overwhelmingly in that area.

  4. I'm the same as Johanna, INTJ, though I've taken this before and was different. Can I just say that I don't like these tests because there is no in-between answer. For about 40% of the answers I'd say I'm completely in the middle and so it's really hard for me to answer and have accurate results if there are only the extremes to choose from.

  5. I'm with Dixie- the questions, for me, aren't so cut & dried... often both answers from the 2 ends of the spectrum hold true. (I enjoy time spent alone, but also with a group of friends, for example!)

    Anyway. I came out as ISFP- "The Artist", Introverted/Feeling. Although, 3 out of 4 categories were almost 50/50... (47/53 53/47, 26/74, 42/58) I think it just confirms that I'm a fairly well balanced individual.

    : )


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