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Monday, August 13, 2007
I've been going hard core since early today, and this is the first chance to sit down, so I am taking it.

In an effort to procrastinate with my homework paper due sometime next week, I went and bought guitar strings for Micah who wants to have a go at my guitar. Thomas promptly broke a new string while installing it.

I tore out the old, messy caulking from the bathroom and replaced it. All. That ain't fun when you are a perfectionist. I continued even cleaning the tub and tub surround in the process.

I went and bought the groceries that Lauralea needed.

I removed the insides of the upstairs toilet and replaced all the parts with a new setup, and had to hand shape some pieces that didn't fit. Force fit worked a charm.

Lauralea asked me to pick up a new shower curtain for the bathroom too as ours was, well it was dead. So Micah and I went and shopped through the lovely limited selection. She wanted something green, or orange. I went with green since that was the only colour they had.

Getting caught up in the moment, I picked up a set of bathmats which were on sale, and a guest bath towel, forest green, and a matching hand towel, mint green.

I was Martha Stewart!

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  1. For the record, it was the guitars fault, it bent the string, and snaped when I was puting on the other strings.


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