The House Guest has arrived

Monday, August 20, 2007
Not to be confused with just any house guest, this is the house guest.

The guest of Johanna, who has not seen her for half a year who she intends to marry next year sometime.

The house guest.


Kind of totally weird.

I asked at supper how I should treat him, as family or as a house guest.

She asked what the difference would be.

I replied that if he was family then I could ignore him and come and go as I pleased, like I do with the rest of them around here. But if he was a guest then I should play the host and entertain him.

She quickly said; "As family!"

Ok, I can do that.

But, it's still weird. Being the dad of the bride and all.

I guess it wouldn't be conducive to our future relationship if I were to sit here in my darkened livingroom wearing only my boxers while watching the news.


  1. "Nate. Kind of totally weird."

    That's a relief. For a while I was worried that he was normal, and concerned about how he'd fit in.

  2. I say that if he's going to see you in your underwear eventually, it might as well be sooner rather than later. In fact, you might want to gear him down to that. Sit around naked quite a bit and he'll be thanking sweet Jesus when you put underwear on...presumably...

  3. Just be yourself, Dad. I'm wondering, though, does wearing boxers around the house encourage him to do the same? Might get weird or just very comfortable.

    Love the picture of the boats. My favorite so far. Very moody with no one in them. Either horror movie or peaceful morning.


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