I have a confession to make that might totally blow my street cred.

I have a favourite designer.

Yeah, go figure, Mr. "faded blue jeans are upper casual" actually likes what a clothing designer creates.

Ozwald Boateng.

I love what he does with a suit. Tailored jacket, thin pant legs, leather black shoes to complete the look. It's a bit of a throwback to the sixties I agree, but his cautious use of colour and timeless creations convince me that his taste is impeccable.

He just does men's suits with taste and style. Something that is sadly lacking in todays sweats and t-shirts.

And as long as we are in full bore confession mode here, confession number two is that I would really love to be able to wear a suit on a daily basis, really.

A good suit with a fine shirt and sharp tie just make me feel like it's all good baby.

As I said, todays clothing of choice really leave so much to be desired. Jeans? Sweats? What's that about? And what does it say about how we see ourselves. A good suit is just a good thing.
But alas, that doesn't go with my income, or the city I live in, or the work that I do, or my van...

But hey, I did pick up a couple of up to date stylewise ties in Glasgow. Big knots, pink and purple and one orange-ish. But I may have to get a new shirt to wear with them.

And now you probably know more about me then you thought you ever would five minutes ago.

Oh yeah, one more thing.

I wish his website had a wishlist feature.

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  1. I've done that thing you talked about for a while.

    Trust me, it's completely over-rated.

    Sure you feel like you're significant (big dose of pride) but the clothes are inappropriate to normal living conditions - too warm indoors, not warm enough outside (or too hot in summer).

    Suits schmuitz.

    And you need to ask "who are you trying to impress?"


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