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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Dad always said if you have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all.

Well, he didn't say that actually, it was more about being positive with your words and choices than negative.

So that's why I've been quiet since Sunday, not really much good to talk about.

After an exhausting day on Sunday, we came home and for the most part, I went to bed before telling others in the house that I was going to bed. I am learning that this is a communication of negative consequence and Monday turned out to be a tense day around here.  I find that with the females in the house, my mood, which may be one thing, can be read by them as being completely another thing, which I hadn't seen or felt at all. I suppose this is normal, except the guys don't seem to "go there" in their minds. I mean with them it's "Hey, he's gone to bed, he's tired, bada bing."

But I think that's one of the general differences between guys and gals. (Did I just use the word gals? sorry...)
Face value presumptions.

Yeah, everybody was tense or on edge or picking fights or something yesterday. Wasn't even hot out.

Well then last night we were off to bed at a good hour, and Thomas comes to tell me the dryer is broken and he's got wet clothing to dry out before morning when they boys head off to camp.


So, at 12:00 am I'm down there trying to fix the broken dryer, with no luck, sheesh.

Things are better around here today. I spent the whole morning and a bit more getting they dryer working again. (Broken wire, fixed. $1.49)

And the boys are off to camp, so I'm the lone male here.

Still feels like a bit of an edge in the air around here, but even after questioning, it seems ambiguous to me.

However, things are picking up, we are off to Dairy Queen and baby nothing solves that tension in the air like some soft Ice Cream with chocolate on it.

This week might be redeemable yet.


  1. Yep - If chocolate won't fix it then you could try flowers. Those two things don't really require a reason to justify them. They are just good. So are unrequested hugs and things.

    Just so you know since the woman ratio is about to go up in your place, n'est-ce pas?

  2. randall i want you to know that you rock. sure its nothing like ice cream but i hope it helps keep your head up.


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