Many happy returns. What does that mean?

Sunday, August 05, 2007
For all of Facebook's reconnect-ability one thing it has done really well is be a reminder to me of when my friends and contacts are having their birthdays.

It's been nice this morning and yesterday, getting all kinds of congratulations from people on "The Face" who were reminded that it's my birthday today.

Yesterday my sister sent me a funny e-card, and this morning even sent me this lovely purple greeting;

I don't know how we celebrated birthdays before AlGore invented the Internet!


  1. I'm not on Facebook so I didn't get a reminder, but happy birthday anyway!

  2. Sorry, Randall. I am on Facebook but haven't signed in much lately, so I didn't get the reminder either. Happy birthday!

  3. I think it means may you be able to return all those gifts you didn't like with ease and without hassles. And for full price.

  4. Happy Birthday old guy. Hope your day was great and you got treated like the royal birthday guy!

  5. Happy belated... yesterday was the first day in forever that we didn't even turn the computer on. Hope you had a good day. :)


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