Just a three hour tour...

Saturday, August 04, 2007
I ended up doing a complete install of Windows XP yesterday so last night when I had a few moments I started to replace some of the programs I use regularly and I lost track of the time.

And, after 5 hours sleep I was up for breakfast hanging out with my uncle and aunt, which was also kinda cool.

But by 11 am I was tired.

And so, on this beautiful birthday weekend Saturday, with my beautiful new bed, and the beautiful old ceiling fan blowing down on me, I went for a nap.

Three hours later, I arose from the dead.

And hey look at me, I'm a new man!!

Which is good, because we are off to a wedding reception, complete with a roast Bison.

I think I'm ready to bison the night away, especially since I don't have to work tomorrow.



  1. I wonder...is bison similar in taste to squirrel?

  2. Um, I think it's a bigger flavour!


  3. Birthday.


    Happy I hope.



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