"No more Squirrel roasting at Bible Camp"

You thought the post title was a bit surreal? Check out the story...
A Saskatchewan bible camp has a new policy on animal treatment after a squirrel was killed and roasted over the fire by one of its counsellors.

The Christopher Lake camp counsellor killed the squirrel after throwing a stick in its direction and injuring it last week, said camp director Curtis Anderson.

The man destroyed the injured animal rather than letting it die on its own, and then roasted it to show nothing should go to waste, Anderson said. Several counsellors ate some of the cooked meat.

Although the counsellor knows he made a mistake, Anderson said, the man did not do anything illegal.

The Saskatchewan SPCA's Frances Wach applauded the camp's new policy.

"My understanding is that the policy is to forbid the harassment of rodents by camp counsellors and campers," Wach told CBC News on Friday. "I think that will teach the kids respect for animals."

The camp needs to find humane ways to deal with nuisance squirrels, Wach said.

I hear squirrel is good. Tastes a lot like chicken.


This little event happened at Camp Kadesh. That was the camp dad was on the board of directors of when they were searching for a site to build the camp on. I remember going with dad up to the area to search out good sites to build the camp. Sheesh. Memories.


  1. I believe that in some parts of North America squirrel is hunted for food.

    We get grossed out by things outside our experience. Especially the things people eat.

  2. The Swift Current Archery Club used to sell cookbooks for fund raising but these weren't ordinary cookbooks. They had recipes for everything from skunk to coyote to snake to squirrel. From what I've heard the squirrel was good but I never tried it personally.

  3. I've tried squirrel, and though it was better than muskrat and much better than coyote, I wouldn't go out of my way to have it again (unless I ran of hot dogs).

  4. Kelly resigns as director and everything goes to pot.


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