Friday, August 03, 2007
Hey, i am presently trying out pownce.com and if that means anything to you and you want a free invite, just let me know.

I have spaces to give away.

That is all.


  1. I'm tempted to ask for one just because you're offering and it's probably the Next Big Thing, but, quite honestly, I can't keep up with all the latest---MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Flickr, etc etc etc and now this.


  2. ...various "new and better" photo sites, multiple browsers, at least 4 different IM applications, more RAM, faster processors, better screen, faster drives, better video, Google video, YouTube, iTunes, downloadable movies and music, new storage formats, must read blogs, must use blogging formats, and a bazillion add-ons and sub-applications for all of the above.

    It's exhausting.

  3. uh, so that's a no for you then Marc??

  4. (I thought I'd already responded...perhaps I didn't)

    I guess not. I was just trying to be funny with those comments (thought they do reflect my feelings sometimes). I don't even know what it is really, so this post wasn't directed at folks like me anyway. I went to the site and couldn't tell from the description how it was different from some of the other apps out there.

    I hadn't heard of it before. Is it the latest thing?

  5. Yep Marc, you responded, twice, that's why I was teasing a bit when I wrote that.

    Yeah, it's just another thing, that I have not really gotten in to, but I was given a free access and that gave me some free passes for those keen on it. Thats mostly why I put it up there.

    Then someone will be looking for a free invite, and google it and come here.

    That's why it's up there.

    no sweat Marc.


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