Saturday, September 15, 2007
So yesterday when I was driving past the Rawlinson centre here in Prince Albert, my good eye caught a glimpse of a sign announcing that Holly Cole would be in concert here in October. Lauralea has a couple of her CD's and loves her like she likes her own children, and if truth be told, even better on some days.

I immediately pulled into the lot and went inside.

There were very few tickets left which surprised me because I hadn't even heard she was coming to town. Without even flinching at the $38.00 cost per seat, which was no small thing indeed, I asked for and received two tickets.

When I got home and waved the two tickets beneath Lauralea's nostrils she was able to discern them from the scent alone. Then got excited and started to thank me in ways a wife should thank her husband.

And in that moment it dawned on me, how much I had invested in our "Relationship Bank." I totally owned the day and realized that I probably owned the month too. I could probably be an Ass, two three or eight times this month and it would be OK, because of those tickets.

And in a fresh revelation I discovered that I had a AssPass for a month.

Course, I'm not one to use and manipulate my relationship with her. But it's nice knowing that there is a bit of buffer room, you know, for when I accidentally mention PMS, or forget to pick up something she's waiting at home for.

As I recall, there were still a few seats left for the concert. You know, if things are kinda tense at home.

I'm just sayin...

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  1. (I tried to tell him that this wasn't an AssPass for the COMING month but to make up for the past month... )


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