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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
Now I'm interested.

I've never been a real Ipod fan, mainly because it's a hard drive that plays songs. There always were too many moving parts in that thing for me to relax about, better to have a flash memory song player. Cheaper too.

But today Apple introduced its new Ipod. The Ipod Touch.

Looks like an Iphone, which won't be available in Canada for an unknown amount of time yet.

A multi touch user interface, WiFi with Safari, Google search, contacts, and an 8 gig drive for $299.

I'm still not excited by the drive, but it might be a good trade off for having net access at wifi hotspots.

Unlike the regular Ipod, this one I could see myself using.

I think I'll put it on my wish list.


  1. Hi,

    I'm tempted too as no iPhone in the UK yet either. It is flash not hard drive though according to the technical spec on the apple site http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/specs.html.

    Will it allow me to carry pdfs so that I can take large documents electronically rather than on paper? That's the $64,000 question for me.

  2. Pardon me saying so, that's a flash, expensive toy.


    Some nice ideas, but too expensive and the usefulness of such a small screen is VERY questionable for surfing, reading documents (assuming it can handle Howard's .pdf files) etc. But I'm sure thousands of people will consider them an essential tool for everyday life, proving that I'm not a visionary when it comes to gimmicks.

  3. It would be tempting, especially as an alternative to a laptop (since I think you could use a wireless keyboard with it). With Google docs you don't even need a word processor. It's a lot of money, but it could actually be a useful tool for someone who travels a lot. I'm guessing the WiFi aspect is going to generate a lot of add ons.

  4. Ah sweetness, it is a flash drive, better still.

    When I was in Chicago I went to the Apple store and played around with an iphone. I was actually very impressed with the readability of the documents, and how it handled webpages seemed quite intuitive.

    Cost is still a concern, because I wouldn't plunk down $300 for an mp3 player. But if I travelled more, or needed to view documents without opening up and booting my notebook, then this could be a sweet solution. Something like a betweener, between notebook and ... a paper pad.

    Yep, the cost is still too great a trade off for having the data and access to the net.

    I think.

    Course, here in Saskatchewan the government is wifi-ing the city downtown districts. So when in the downtown area anywhere I'd go, there would be connectivity.

    Hmmmm. Again.

  5. hi

    i was clicking this to leave a comment and someone behind me (almost across the hall) was like your getting a new ipod cool. and i had to explain that i wasn't and stuff. ya.

    i don't know that anyone cares, and i'm sure dad doesn't like adverts and stuff, but there are only three computers with internet (none with spell check) so i won't be updating it often, but i updated my blog today if anyone cares and wants to check it out.


    i think that's what it is. it's under his other voices anyways.

    ya. so for all those who wanted me to get face book so they could keep tabs, i do have a blog, i've just kept it somewhat unknown for a while, so i will put updates on that from time to time.

  6. Hi Hillary, good to hear you.

    miss you.

  7. Steve MenshenfriendSeptember 6, 2007 at 4:44 PM

    8 gig! ... You've have to duct tape four of them together.
    $300! ... for that shiney little screen.
    Service Charge! ... Not gonna do it.

  8. Hilary - I'll check.

    Randall - when will they WiFi PA?

  9. Steve; It's a step up from my one gig Mp3 player now!

    Toni: They were to have it done this summer. I think Saskatoon is already done and PA should be soon.

  10. I was impressed by the latest iPod updates and it's interesting to read non-iPod fans views on this.

  11. I'm already saving for one :) mainly as my old iPod seems to have gone walkies, grr!


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