Power Outage Casualties

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
So, you live in Saskatchewan or parts of Alberta or Manitoba or the northern States, and woke up this morning with your alarm clock flashing?

And you urgently lept from your bed to find your watch and discovered that you were late for work?

Then, half dressed you grabbed a slice of bread as you ran out the door to your car and set the land speed record getting to work?

Well then, you are not alone.

Although I am not in your company.

In rare form my bladder woke me up at 5 am this morning, and as I was stirring I realized the digital readout on the clock was gone.

As focus returned to my consciousness I realized that the street light wasn't shinning in my window and the light down the hall from the kitchen was off too.

Everything, and I mean everything was dark.

My first fuzzy thought was that something was covering my eyes and I remember rubbing them trying to see better. No better.

Then I thought maybe a stroke or illness affected my eyes. But the rest of me felt ok, except for my bladder which by now was complaining significantly.

I got out of bed and stumbled to the window and pulled back the curtain and what a weird sight. Everything was black. Up and down the street, blackness.

It was very cool. I wanted to go outside, but I had business to attend to.

I found the cell phone and set the alarm on that and went back to bed.

When the phone alarm sounded at 7:30 this morning, Lauralea rolled over and groaned that I should have left it off because then we could have slept in guilt free.

So, if Lauralea has an appointment with you today and she's late, she has no excuse, she was up in plenty of time!

But boy it was black out there.


  1. It was weird. I woke up right about the same time as the power went out---something must have clicked off or made a sudden noise. I then spent 10 minutes shuffling around the house with my flashlight, making sure everything was OK. Looked out the windows to see if everyone's power was off or if someone had cut our power specifically. All was well. Went back to sleep. But man was it dark!

  2. A routine part of village life is occasional power cuts. These days they seldom happen; for our first 2 years here, a solid fuel heating system was essential.

  3. The thing I notice most when the power goes out is the complete silence. It's peaceful without the hum of electricity. Sort of like the twilight zone if you're driving though, like everyone else has disappeared. Makes you wonder what it was like at night in the days before electricity. We don't know dark and silence like they did.

  4. And Lauralea was right on time for her 1PM appt.

    But, when I woke up(was wakened up by a concerned daughter actually) I also thought -"it won't matter if I sleep in due to a power outage. My stuff won't work without power anyway."

    And then it came back on so I had to get up!

  5. Makes me appreciate my battery-operated alarm clock.


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