banners, and fussy bits.

Some of you, including myself if i were truthful, were missing the banner image at the top of the page which i would occasionally switch up, just to keep things interesting.

So I did a little tweaking tonight and fussed with a few areas that were bugging me.

and there you go, instant banner image of the view outside├é  my living room window.



I wish.

nope, just a picture I took this summer in a far away land.

But yeah, enough of the self absorbed dreaming.



  1. The banner is nice. Thanks for bringing it back. :)

  2. Looks good Randall. I'm way overdue for a new one, but my current one was over 12 hours of work. Maybe I should simplify.

  3. That's better.
    Now could you bring back the picture of you with your arms folded?


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