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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
via. Gavin

"Dave Rae, our very own Spielberg (or maybe Tarantino), put together some videos spoofing "The Office" to introduce each of the weekly themes. They were a big hit with folks in the congregation and it was requested that they be posted somewhere for viewing for those folks who missed a week here or there (or just want to watch them again)."

Eric "the long haired friend of Jesus" Senior Pastor plays himself, (No poser!) and Gavin "Hard Core Associate Pastor" does a great job playing himself too. But the scene stealer is Dave Rae.

Somebody please get this guy his own show.

Sit back and enjoy Real TV.

Here is the original link, and video two, three, four, and five.
a complete evenings entertainment.


  1. Those were GOOD. I stopped in to check the Cyber-world when I was getting the potatoes for supper... and ended up watching them all... so if dinner is late...

  2. Ahhh... We got to watch one on Sunday morning in Winnipeg. Kind of like being at the world premiere. :)


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