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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Looking east

This time of the year on the prairies always pulls me back to that first Autumn I headed off to college.

A long bus ride across the cold prairies, through the nights and early mornings. The morning sun pink on the horizon, the blue of the deep sky, the green of the grass, and the chill on exposed hands. Standing outside a greyhound bus as it stops for a break.

Funny how memories are locked in there like that, and one cold, pink morning suddenly draw you back in time 25 years.

Autumn on the prairies is the best.


  1. i gotta say it doesn't take too long before I start missing good ol' saskatchewan. the flat land, the biting winter, and most of all the cone shop in P.A., they are all good stuff.

  2. I love this picture. Something about fall does it for me, too. I have taken so many sunset pictures in the past 2 weeks that it's getting silly.
    When the fall breeze arrives, and the kids start back at school, I find it difficult to drive by the high school without shedding a tear or two.
    But, like you said, the memories are locked in, and no one will fully understand why certain smells, scenes, etc mean so much to someone else.


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