Refresh 07

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

As Mark mentioned in the last post, I am doing some talking this year at Refresh.

Refresh is held in Winnipeg on the weekend of November 9-11 and is a gathering of young people. Single or married, children or not, people in school or work, or both. Just late teenish, or 20ish, or 30ish, somethings getting on with life.

I want to explore the idea that God is a community, why aren't we?

We are a people who pride ourselves on our ability to be independent rather than interdependent. What would it look like to reorient ourselves to Gods idea.

I think it could be alot of fun.

Of course the weekend always is fun. Lots to do and good people to meet. Opportunity for personal growth and maybe make a new friend along the way.

So if you are free that weekend and want to do something enjoyable, you are invited.

It's $75 registration, unless you live 6 or more hours away, then it's cheaper. And that money covers the weekend, food too.

Check out more information and online registration here.

I'll see you in Winnipeg in November.


  1. See you there. Are you setting aside spiritual direction time?


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