Stay in the (time) zone

Saturday, October 06, 2007
Google now tells you the time. Anyplace you need.
Next time you do a web search, type "time" followed by a city, state, or country and Google will return the time for your desired location. If you enter a location with multiple time zones, we'll display results for all applicable time zones; or, if you enter a location in multiple states or countries, we'll show all locations with a similar name so you can choose between them. Finally, if you have left your watch and/or cell phone at home (which happens all the time around here) and don't have the time to type very much, just enter "time" and you'll see how late you're running!

Finally, no more family arguments about what time is it in Argentina.

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  1. This was the only question I got wrong on our first computer course at SIAST. We were to provide the time in Paris, proving our internet efficiency, and thanks to screwy Saskatchewan's lack of DST I got it wrong.


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