Now, onto Sunday

Thursday, November 29, 2007
Back at my desk after an intense four days of funeral prep and people and care and services.

It's quiet here, all except for the Christmas Classical channel I have playing. So it's good. I am gathering my thoughts and starting to plan for Sunday, the First Sunday in Advent.

I set it up a long time ago so that I am leading the service on Sunday. Thankfully my talk is mostly ready, and some of the Advent readings are from last year so I will reuse those. We practiced with the worship people on Tuesday night and we got some good Advent tunes ready for the day. So things are coming along smoothly.

Sunday evening is our annual Advent Concert where everyone brings their song to sing or instrument to play or even balls to juggle. And we celebrate by sharing what we have to offer. It's a cool tradition for us here at GCC and it's one of the things each year that I look forward to.

So I best get to it.

And you, stay warm ok?

Don't get overwhelmed by the snow or cold or the season. Just take it as it comes, lean into God a bit more and let Him care for you too.

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