Of course it had to happen today

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
In the midst of this funeral, and the prayer meetings, and repainting the kitchen, and you name it, our EPSON InkJet printer has dried up and no longer prints in colour.

Thomas needs an InkJet to print a transfer sheet for his school project, and I don't have time to go buy one today.

Anyone out there within the sound of my blog have a InkJet printer that Thomas could come over and use a bit tonight?



  1. He is welcome to come to our place if he can put up with the disaster we call an office

  2. I think ours is an InkJet as well, which is also welcome to use, if he can put up with our battle plain-eque basement.

  3. I hope he got it all printed since I have come upon this call for aide too late.

  4. Hey, thanks you all.

    Phil of http://philloseth.ca/ emailed me and Thomas had it printed before supper.

    Thanks Phil, and the rest of you, for contributing to the education of my children.



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