Prophetic Wind? (Read:Gas Bag)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Some of you are curious about "The Prophecy" that is being referenced in some of the comments.

It refers to Sunday November 11th when I spoke at Faith Covenant Church in Winnipeg. Before I launched into my talk I, half jokingly said I had a prophetic word for them and if it came to pass they had to listen to what I had to tell them.

The "Word" went something like this.

That afternoon the Saskatchewan Roughriders would beat Calgary, and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers would beat Montreal. Then, the next weekend, Saskatchewan would beat British Columbia, and Winnipeg would beat Toronto.

Though the odds were greatly against this happening, it has come to pass just as I suggested it would.

The last part of the word was that this coming Sunday, Saskatchewan would beat Winnipeg in the final game, the Grey Cup.

Last Sunday, unfortunately, the Winnipeg quarterback broke his arm near the end of the game. That means the team will step up and play harder, maybe even better.

But if this works out the way I guessed it might, I may have to turn my attention to a new calling. Maybe Prophetic Sports Announcer or something like that.

We'll see.


  1. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would ever actually come to pass. The Lord is clearly doing amazing works through you, Randall. And I don't necessarily think if the Riders win on Sunday that you'll have to consider Prophetic Sports announcing as a new calling altogether, just simply incorporate that into your sermons. Although that could possibly lead to some sort of mutiny by your congregation if for some reason your prophecy failed to come true. Anyway, Go Riders!

  2. Randall. I'm praying against your prophetic calling's all good until the last part of it.
    This is a hard teaching...and then he lost many disciples.
    Sorry man, I can't be your sports prophesy disciple...

  3. LOL

    But your a pastor, not a prophet (yet)..

    if the last part does not come true, at least you got it 50% correct.

  4. Randall - what's all this pseudo-football stuff? I thought you had a life to live!


  5. Amen to Toni ! You've got about an hour to prophesy the England v Croatia outcome - now that's what we call football !

  6. I've always wondered that: there is relatively little foot contact in Canadian/American football. Why did we call it football? And why did we call soccer "soccer"? Bizarre.

    I marvel at your soothsaying, Randall. I'm placing some large bets based on your calls. You better hope they're right.


  7. I have decided... To follow Randall.


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