S t i l l S n o w i n g

Monday, November 19, 2007

36 hours later and it's still snowing.

At least the new shovel helps.


  1. Wow! I wasn't going to complain about what we got here in S'toon, but now I certainly won't.

  2. Dare I peek out of my corner and say I'm jealous?!?!

    I've been wishing and hoping for the snow for a few days now, but all we get is wind, more wind and yet more wind. Just seems wrong to be this cold without any fluffy white stuff.

    Okay running for the corner to duck behind as I foresee many snowballs coming my way.... but seriously a fresh snowfall has to be one of the top five most beautiful sights in the world.

  3. It doesn't seem like it is that deep. You did okay clearing it out. Good job. Chicago snow is just tougher.

  4. I dunno Randall it seems as though we got way more up here on the hill than you guys, either that or you should change the angle of the camera, lay down IN the snow bank and see if that doesn't give a more truer image!

    Yep, still depressed cos I'm still lacking the energy to get out and shovel!

  5. janet - if your feeling snow shovel deprived...you can always come over here later on! I'm getting sick of the snow rather quickly...PLEASE stop snowing!!

  6. It has been snowing in Montreal since this early morning. And we expecting more in the coming days.


  7. the velvet fog looks dreamy in your winter wonderland.

    so far you are looking like a prophet

    Go Bombers!

  8. ACK! We don't have any snow here in Yorkton... Yet. It looks pretty, but I'm not in the mood to shovel that much snow quite yet. (Actually, I'm never in the mood to shovel that much snow. I can do about 2 inches, then I start to get mad.)

  9. I think last year Yorkton got a dumping before us.

    It's only fair that its our turn I guess.


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