Winter has Landed

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's been snowing all day since I took this picture around 8 am this morning.

So, in your imagination, add like six inches of snow.

Now you get it.

And it's still snowing out there.


  1. We had heavy snow here last night - probably around the time it was snowing for you. However the temperature had risen this morning and it was all gone - probably a good thing, as my bike has slick tyres right now.

    Keep safe feller.

  2. you know you're from Saskatchewan when ... you get all depressed about how much snow there is to shovel but you can't because you're SICK (and I don't mean THAT kind of sick) ... sigh.

  3. Randall and Toni, I'm so jealous, it's a shame being on the coast in the south not much chance of the snow turning up here.

  4. Dan,

    (Sing with me)


    "If I could save snow in a bottle,
    there's one thing that I'd like to do,
    Is to save every flake that the winter dumps on us
    just to send it all over to you."


  5. There could not possibly be a more beautiful day. It's soft and gentle and quiet and totally W H I T lovely.

    Yes, yes, I did shovel too!!!

  6. Hehe, thanks Randall, think I might get an odd look if I belt out song from the back row of the lecture theater though!


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