Super ninja chi tea moves

Thursday, November 15, 2007
I was at the Hospital this morning for a meeting and as I was leaving the place I nearly wiped out completely on the ice and concrete.

But thanks to my Super Ninja Chi Tea Moves, I was able to avoid going down completely.


The guy coming towards me, bigger, taller, bulkier than my svelte self, and as it turned out, less Ninja like, didn't have such success.

His feet went out from under him and his whole body lifted into the air as he launched himself, his right shoulder, head first onto the ice and concrete.

Crap, big crap. Well that's what he said, except there was a well deserved S where the C was... and a hit where the rap was, truth be told.

And I absolutely agreed with him.

I moved over to him to check on him, and like most guys he got up as quickly as the shock allowed and said he was ok. But I knew he wasn't OK as I watched him limp into the hospital, hunched over.

I really really hate that about winter up here. People die falling down like that. Bones break, ligaments pull, and blood clots up and causes aneurysms and people die.

Just glad I've got the Super Ninja Chi Tea Moves going for me these days.

I'm just gonna feel it in the morning.


  1. Oh you are a very funny man. HA!

    I really enjoyed reading this post.


    And I really need to get me some of those Super Ninja Chi Tea moves.


  2. What with the camcorder skills of your sons, the existence of Youtube, and your smooth moves...I'm looking forward to a visual of those Super Ninja Chi Tea moves (in the interests of preventing future incidents, of course)

  3. i hate ice. the sidewalks here have been covered in it since it snowed. its so hard to walk from place to place and everyone is slipping around. someone is going to get hurt. all it would take is someone taking the time to shovel or salt the ice. grrrrr.

  4. hey, I'm in Vancouver where it almost never snows!
    it just rains and is ugly...
    but no snow...


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