This boy knows me

Wednesday, November 14, 2007
During the weekend I was being contacted by another pastor, at home. I txt-ed a updated question for Thomas who was the go between:

MY TXT MESSAGE: "Any luck calling that pastor for me"

THOMAS TXT MESSAGE: "Nope, but the fudge people are in the mall"

Does he know me or what.

So today I had to stop in for some maple fudge.

Yep, Christmas is here if the Fudge people are in the mall.


  1. Very cute! It's nice to have kids that know you, isn't it? That's what I call LOVE.

  2. Way to go. You got be dreaming all about fudge last night -- fudge with some kind of delicious chocolate bar pieces in it, and I'm sure that doesn't exist outside of my dreamworld, but now I really want some. Way to go. :)

  3. I was in the mall today and noticed the fudge foks were there so I bought a piece for my wife's birthday. She let me have a bite.

  4. oooh, that's right, it's NOVEMBER 15th, otherwise known as JANET'S BIRTHDAY!!!!

    Smooth fudge move Phil.
    I should try that on Lauralea, but she'd probably pass out from all the sugar!

  5. you should get me some fudge and send it in a care package. i like milk chocolate or something with nuts in it. :)

  6. ooo! since we're making care package lists, you should send me those sour star gummy candies for christmas.


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