Eggnog. Not just for parties anymore

Monday, December 17, 2007
A parishioner dropped off some left over eggnog last night. I guess it was left over from their work party.

Anyway, wow, some good eggnog there.

I don't know why they call that stuff in the stores in milk cartons Eggnog, because it isn't anything near to this stuff.

This is eggnog awesomeness.

I was going to have some for breakfast, but there may be a bit of rum or whatever you put in it, in it, and I figured that wouldn't go great with eggs.

But I am enjoying some now.


  1. I've heard the same but never tasted the real thing. Perhaps one day I'll be bumped up to the real eggnog bracket, but for now it'll have to be the skim cartoned stuff.

  2. Yeah, Jay, about that,

    I don't know that you want to taste the real thing, cause it'll spoil you for that easily available cartoned eggnog in the stores.

    (and good to see you are out of the Hospital guy!!)

  3. I had no idea what eggnog was - but BBC Radio 4 has just described it as wildly alcoholic custard - hope you're enjoying it !


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