Keith Green's first television appearance at age 11

Monday, December 17, 2007
For those of you old enough to remember Keith Green, the impassioned young man who met God one day and redirected his life accordingly. Here is a sweet little clip, from YouTube.

He had just signed a deal to make rock and roll records.
And this was how he looked.



  1. What is the deal with Mennonites loving Keith Green? I had never in my life heard of him until I moved to southern Manitoba to go to college.

    Usually college kids have posters of Bob Marley, or John Lennon, or Che Guevara (you know, that guy on the all the T-shirts that young folk wear but have no idea who he is). In southern Manitoba, a.k.a. Menno-land, there's none of that. Nope.

    ...Posters of Keith Green...

  2. Not only am I old enough to remember Keith Green, I am old enough to remember the tv show he was on in the clip...sigh....

  3. :)

    Thankfully, Old is the new Young these days Susan.
    You're just hitting your stride, popularity wise!

    Gavin, I've never heard of this before.
    Maybe it speaks to the possibility that the Mennonites have finally opened their hearts to him and his music now that he's been dead 20 years??

    I seem to recall being in a small singing group in the early 80's and we were on tour, singing in a town called Three Hills, at a Bible College institution there. We were asked before we went on stage if any of our music for that day included anything by one Keith Green. While our repertoire included some of his stuff, we hadn't planned on singing any of it that day. The one responsible was appreciative of that.

    It made me want to sing one anyway.


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