It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
You know, for a smaller church like Gateway Covenant, we have really been stepping it up over the years to change what Christmas is all about. I really like that about who we are becoming.

For instance, we started off Advent this year by bringing our simple, many varied talents, to our Advent Concert where anyone who would like can share what gifts they have brought with the rest of the church.

We are participating in the Saturday Soup Kitchen we helped get going here in P.A. a couple of times over Christmas and the New Year.

We have already disbursed nearly $600 to people in our community who could use a bit of help this time of year.

We have had a wide variety of people volunteering to ring their bells and manage a Salvation Army Christmas Cheer Kettle, to raise funds for their work.

We take volunteers to a couple of care homes to spend some time with people who can't get out any longer. We usually bring gifts and sing with them and drink tea together.

For our church Christmas party we gathered and each brought a little snack and shared that with each other and we used the time to raise $500 for another church we know of that is trying to meet the needs of their community.

The Santa Lucia gathering, and our open house on Friday are low key, hospitality, caring, kinds of affairs.

And, Christmas Eve will be relatively simple. Some candles and lots of singing and scriptures, ready to speak to the need of the individuals looking for some connection with God at this time of year.

Yeah, I am pleased with who we are becoming.

Less about getting, and more about giving.
Less about production, and more about people.
Less about us, and more about God.

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