The House is Silent now

Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Finally, the best part of the day unfolds.

Silence envelopes me again and I find my spirit renewed. Odd how such a simple thing like stillness has such a powerful effect on me.

The freshly fallen snow is so light and it makes everything sparkle out there. It looks like an enchanted forest in the back yard.

The bright colours from the Christmas lights make the white snow glow with many hues.

My sister, next in line to the throne, was born this day many years ago. And though life hasn't always been easy for her, God has given her a beautiful voice and a good heart.

Tonights sparkling, colourful display must be made just for her.

At least I think of her when I look outside and see the beauty.

Happy Birthday Gaylene.

May your year be as full of colour and wonder as my back yard is tonight.

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