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Wednesday, December 12, 2007
I just realized that there are 13 days untill Christmas. Only 13.

That means we need to get bus-ier.

I aleady am out every night this week for work stuff, and we need to get the tree up, and, and...

Hillary will be home by Friday and Johanna and Nate will be in Wisconsin for the season. So it will be different again.

I better get shopping tonight. I think I can online shop while I'm in my meeting.

Thanking God for the Internet.


  1. I hope you don't call hanging out with friends and eating "work"! :)

  2. Well, it depends, if it's eating onions or cookies with old person hairs in them, then it is every bit work!!


    Na its not work, I just had the whole week clumped together in my head.

  3. Didn't notice you online shopping during the meeting. What restraint! (or what slight of hand)

    Anyway, I was tired enough that I may not have noticed.


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