I Am An Uncle

For the very first time ever in history, (well apart from bing an uncle through marriage that is)

My brother, Jeff and his lovely and capable wife Heidi, have procreated and the results were revealed withing the past hour.

The Boy's name?

Jonas David Friesen

A respectable name if you ask me.

No details on weight or length yet. He came a couple of weeks early so he's off to another part of the hospital.
Things are expected to be ok.

Yeah me, I'm an uncle.



5lbs 8oz


  1. Ok so I came here to post a comment of comisseration on the Nag nag nag post but I see you have already removed it for happier news so let me be the first to say Congrats to you my friend and congrats to the brand new family. And how cool you guys are close enough to enjoy him. My neices and nephews are busy procreating all over North America and yet none of them are within 20 hours of me

  2. yeah well i couldn't really leave the nag nag post up there with this news slapping me in the face.

    Sheesh, of all the bad timing.

  3. That is wonderful.

    I suppose that being an uncle rates somewhere up there with being a grandparent. You can spoil him and send him home. :)

  4. Ah,
    And history repeats itself.....J.D. Friesen. If he marries someone who's name starts in M, we will have to resurect the liscence plates!!

  5. Huzzah! Congratulations, all!

  6. Congratulations!! Hope all goes well for them. Great name, too. He seems to look like both of his parents (with his dad's hair). :)


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