Somebody's working overtime here

Somehow I managed to stumble across a church website that simply surprises me.

A small church called Saint Columba, in Gruline, Isle of Mull which is a Scottish Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Argyll & The Isles.

The surprise?

Well they have an up to date church events calendar, (A rare occurrence in most church sites I find), a schedule of services, again up to date, and most surprisingly, the sermons are posted - in written form and the audio presentation of them as well.

Most churches have difficulty just updating their own site, but this site, for such a small church (my perception)... not bad at all.


  1. A friend of mine wrote a very, very good website for his home Church a few years ago, that from what I gather is a heavily used resource by them. Also the Church I'm part of in Portsmouth has a very up to date site and a nice rota to let everyone know when they're doing what, but then that is down to quite a few people who have worked/work at IBM amongst other places.

    If you fancy a peek the addresses are:

  2. thanks Dan

    a good, usable church website can make life better and occasionally, help faith to grow too.

    why wouldn't we want great, helpful websites?

  3. Another up-to-date (not to mention beautiful) site is .

    Thanks for mentioning my site, Dan ;)

  4. Did you work on that one too Ben?

  5. Unfortunately not - I'm just a student at the same Uni as Dan, one of his housemates in fact! But I do love that site, it's inspirational to me as a designer !

  6. Hey Ben, I love how you have structured your own website.

    I think the "Collections" concept is fresh, especially when it allows you to occasionally change colours and banner images.
    That's a great looking website.

    Nice job.

  7. Thank you, Randall :)

    The old colours and banners are still there when you view the old posts that fall within the time period.


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