I just got 28 points in Scrabulous UPDATED:

The word? TOFFY.

The opponent? LAURALEA

She shudders in fear.

Victory is Mine

251 to 244.

Sweet and rare day indeed.


  1. Toffy? Do you mean toffee?

    Methinks Lauralea should have earned some extra points on that one.

  2. Well it let me use Toffy, go figure

    or maybe it was Toffey...

    the game has a built in word checker.

  3. Maybe it was a "scrabble" dictionary, full of obscure words and spellings. One can never win against a real scrabble player - they know them all.

  4. all i can say is play it while you can, as facebook may be forced to remove this game

  5. I heard that too Ian.

    Interesting that Scrabble only raises a stink when the game gets popular.


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