Jazz Bassment needs a new home

Monday, January 21, 2008
This sweet little Jazz club has run out of time it seems.
The Saskatoon Jazz Shrine needs to find a new home because it's old one has a new owner.

This is one cool basement club, and it will be sad to see it go. It can stand up against any of the big city Jazz clubs I've been to.
Hopefully The Saskatoon Jazz Society can find another home.

The swing kids of Third Avenue are moving out of their basement digs after a Big Apple buyer bought their hangout.

The Glengarry building, which has housed The Bassment jazz club for 25 years, has been sold to a New York architect. With his planned renovations, the underground club is on its last note.

via. The StarPhoenix


  1. Will there ever be another Cafe Randall? Cause man that place was awesome. Great coffee. Great music.

  2. It was awesome.
    Wish I could go there occasionally.



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