Playing checkers on the new board that Thomas built

Checkers on the new board


  1. And such a fine board it looks to be. Beautifully crafted Thomas.

  2. What are the pieces made from?

  3. Marcus can make a board? We bought Taylor a chess set in Germany and have been looking for a board. Would he be interested in making another one? Let me know what he charges

  4. Ooops and double oops. why did i say marcus
    brain flop - too many bathroom renovations.

    I totally meant Thomas. I didn't even realize I said Marcus...Holy cow... I am truly embarassed

  5. Nice board.

    Maybe he should become a luthier so he can make useful things?

    ;-) :)

  6. I built a chess board at SIAST, using oak and mahogany. It's not very delicate looking, as I had to use 1-inch plywood (carefully hidden) to keep the board flat. Some poor instruction (as I recall) caused the board to bow overnight when the glue was drying (and then it cracked while straightening it). Now it's a hulk, weighing several pounds.

    It's sitting in the garage. When I completed it I intended to whittle all the pieces out of basswood, but didn't get beyond the first king (which wasn't all that nice). Now I've been looking for suitable pieces to purchase. My board is tournament sized and it would be nice to get wooden, weighted pieces, but that would cost too much for the amount I play it.

    Blah blah blah.

    Nice board, Thomas.

  7. Looks like a fine piece of craftsmanship.


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