Thursday, February 21, 2008
I feel like I have so much to write down.

So much is stirring, so much processing, well and not so well.

So many new feelings and experiences as a result of these days.

Feels a bit like there is this emotional hole I'm trying to crawl out of, and it takes so much effort, I keep sliding back down the muddy sides of the hole.

That's why it's been mostly quiet around here.

Just trying to sort out life and people and events and motivations and work.

It'll be alright. Just takes a bit of time is all.

Beautiful Cumbria


  1. I think I would like to swing really high back and forth under that tree and feel the warm breeze on my face and lean way back and look up into the sky.............ya, you'll be OK.

  2. I'm pretty sure that one scene from Robin Hood took place there.

  3. I still love that picture.

    And I know exactly which scene you're talking about Greg. It's near the beginning of the film, when they've just returned from the Holy Land. At some point Morgan Freeman says, "Is there no sun in this cursed country!?" I think one of the Sheriff's henchmen---the guy with the gurgly, rough voice---confronts them there as well. They chase a boy into the tree and Robin and Morgan (I can't remember his character's name) help the kid out.

    That was the Christian teenager movie at one time. I've seen it too often!

    Sorry for this irreverent tangent on an otherwise quiet and thoughtful post, Randall.

  4. I. Hear. You. Personally, I'm wondering whether expending lots of energy on trying to climb out of a muddy hole is fruitless - that maybe I need to be still in order to understand the nature of the mud and the hole for a bit. Does that make sense ?

    For light relief you can always analyse your readers' Robin Hood fantasies - I mean, does that tree look like its anywhere near a forest ? Not much cover for merry men in that landscape, maybe merry sheep though !

  5. Perhaps I too need to get in touch with my inner Robin, I haven't seen the film yet.

    " I need to be still in order to understand the nature of the mud and the hole for a bit. Does that make sense ?"

    Or more directly maybe I need to understand the nature of my desperate need to not be in this hole because I am wasting precious time.
    I sometimes am my own worst critic.

    I prayed for you this morning.

  6. can you get that tree in my backyard? come on, please!


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