And now, we are four.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
From 20 people in our house on Friday, to nine on Sunday, to eight on Monday, to six this morning, to four this afternoon.

Everyone has left.

It will be a long time before we see Nate and Johanna again, I suspect. Saying goodbye to them was hard this time.

With their Neon loaded up with everything they need to take from here, off they went, into the West.


And I am back at the office, with more memories of this church space than I had a week ago, and getting back into life.

I believe I have a major paper that has been delayed till this week. But for tonight I think we four will just take it easy. Soup for supper, maybe a movie in the evening, just decompress and let these new feelings find new homes in our hearts.


Once again, settling into the new normal.

It's ok.





  1. But thankfully there is the wonder of modern forms of communication: telephone, skype, webcams, email etc etc... it is always hard when our offspring leave home, but we do learn to adapt.

  2. The wedding looked like it was absolutely fantastic and I was pleased to see the bride wasn't wearing that tulle on her head. ;)


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