I, uh, slept through prayer time this morning...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Dear Sisters in Christ;

It is with much regret that I must seek your patience and understanding in as much as this morning as my alarm awoke me at a reasonable time to allow me a leisurely morning in the washroom completing my morning ablutions to get me to the appointed prayer meeting well and on time, did not happen.

I regret if my absence has made your hearts sorrowful or full of feelings of abandonment by myself. That is indeed not the intent.

I am however, humbly penitent, and rebuked of spirit.

I remain yours prayerfully,

Rev. Randall E. Friesen


  1. Dear Mr Friesen,
    Maybe your spirit doesn't need rebuking. Maybe your body is teaching you a lesson about self-care after the week that was....

  2. Ah Ms. Barb, you are indeed wise beyond your years.


  3. I got quite a chuckle out of this letter. Last week I found myself with a PILE of things to do in a short amount of time and I asked my Mom if she thought anyone would notice if I were to just have a nap and sleep through all my obligations (like an interview & teaching!). But, I went, and survived. I know your sleep was accidental, but funny nonetheless.
    I, too, think Barb is wise on this one.
    I looked at some of the pictures of your daughter's wedding - VERY beautiful. You should be a proud Papa.
    Hope things are getting into "normal" :)

  4. I figured Barb was right on.

  5. May I call you Randall ?(!) As for wisdom beyond my years, I figure that we've both been on this planet long enough to accumulate a smidgeon of wisdom. And, just so you don't feel the day is totally lost, you have (in a tangential sort of way) prompted me to make a post about self-care which has been brewing for a bit.


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