Brad. The man I always go to with my Citrus questions.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008
Orange 3My friend Brad is beginning a new career as a citrus consultant. (He seems to be adding this to his Bible School teaching, leadership development, and church planter guy stories already written.)

Now, I can't honestly think of a better person for such a position. Citric Acid flows through his veins, and he knows Key Lime pie like nobody I know. You wanna be beside Brad when you walk through the fruit department at the grocery store, except that right now he and his wife live in Guam, teaching.

And so, in the interest of things Citrus, you should check out his new website

I notice that he has included on the site his secret recipe for Key Lime Pie.  (We Canadians don't have a clue what we are missing.)

So make the jump and check out Brads new blog,  It's filled with citrusy goodness. 




  1. We've got the boys hooked on clementines. Can't wait to get them sinking their teeth into blood oranges. With appropriate juice/chin run off.


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