The story of the man with such little faith, and an iPod

Saturday, March 01, 2008
I was browsing my site the other day and came across a post I had done on the iPod Touch that Apple introduced last summer. I was drooling even back then.

By late autumn I had decided that if I could squirrel some extra money away I would try to get one. And so it went. An extra speaking invitation or doing a special service for someone, might see me get a small honorarium. And I saved them through the Fall. I finally had enough near mid November and I was preparing to make my purchase.

But then we had some surprises around here, financially I mean, and I couldn't justify such a purchase. The funds I had saved were the perfect size for our needs. I used them where they needed to be spent. But I did talk to God about it.

And talked to him again about it. Not begging or whining, but asking, exploring if there was room in our relationship to ask for such an extravagance.

Within three weeks, this faithless man received an iPod Touch, out of the blue, as a gift. And what a gift it's been.

I use it more for work than I ever thought I would.

The Calendar and Contacts sync with my Outlook nicely, so I use it to manage my appointments. The contacts are sweet because if I click on an address of someone, Google Maps opens up and shows me exactly where they live. Google Maps also shows me how to make the journey from my place to any other location I type in. Plus, it's fun just to zoom down onto your house and see where you live.

The Current Weather App was helpful when it was so cold and I needed to know what it was like outside before I headed out. And the Photos feature is kinda fun, to look and remember.

The Notes app allows me to keep some short notes as I head out to my meetings, and change them while I'm in the meeting. Then I can email the notes to where ever they need to go.

The You Tube connection is fun, and I can watch Preachers preach if I can't fall asleep at night. That helps.

But I suppose the two things I use the most is the Internet browser, Safari, and the Email App.

I get on average between 20 and 40 emails a day that I need to respond to, so this baby allows me to not to have to open a computer and fire off a response. I can do it quickly while I'm in the washroom, ahem, or even when I am waiting for somebody to get out of the washroom. It shows PDF's without a problem and I can read the Prince Albert Daily Herald on it. It also displays Word documents and Excel spreadsheets very nicely.

This has been the greatest benefit to me. I am able to deal quickly with these emails and move on with other, often better things.

I check your blogs over a quick morning coffee or milk, see what's up out there, and sometimes when I start the day crazy I head over to Pray-as-you-go to settle my spirit and start the day better.

Prince Albert is quite well supplied with free WiFi, so if I'm shopping for groceries at Safeway or researching something at the library, at a mall or even anyplace downtown as the whole area has coverage now, this tool works.

It really has helped me to do more and to do it better. Not that that's a good thing but it is what it is.

In fact, the thing I use it for the least? Listening to music.

I have 4 gigs of my tunes on it, and a bunch of my home videos and the Iona videos on it for when I have a moment or want to show someone where we were last summer.

But besides all that crap, it is a reminder that God likes me, cares about what I care about, and is taking good care of me.

If you ask, maybe he'll get you one too.



  1. That made me smile.
    Brilliant. Enjoy it.

  2. I am so jealous. I'm glad you use it and it isn't simply a paper weight. I have dreams of one day maximizing my ipod touch.

  3. Glad you're enjoying it and it helps you.

    Me? I'd hate it, so it's good that God didn't send it here instead. ;)

  4. Me too

    You've probably gotten a guitar or two that wouldn't have helped me one inch.


  5. Absolutely.

    Tell you what - if I get any big-boys toys like that offered to me, I'll send them to you. Likewise if anyone offers you some nice vintage Fenders, Gibsons, Martins etc, and I'll even cover shipping.


    Out of interest, do they take memory cards, and if so, what kind? Such things do find their way to me sometimes. FWIW I keep looking at those tiny iPod rip-off MP3 players, but even at 30 bux for a 1Gb jobbie I can't justify it. This device you have sounds like a Palm that works properly (we have a number of not-entirely-useful palms laying around here) crossed with a crackberry, and probably really *is* a great tool for you. :-)

  6. I keep asking him to take me to bible college, but he keeps saying the door is closed (for now)

  7. Sounds like a good deal Toni.

    Nope, no memory cards, just syncs with the laptop. And yeah it works like a Palm and is quite intuitive, even with spelling. But for me the feature that "Makes" the thing is the WiFi. That way I'm not in the expensive cell phone market. So yeah it works like a Blackberry when in range of a WiFi point.

    well it says keep asking and knocking. I suppose the only time he said to chill was when Paul wanted to be set free from his burden and God said his grace was enough and to live in it.


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