Art in the Worship Space

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
Get your artists and creative types to bring well framed photos and paintings and creative pieces to place on the walls of the sanctuary as acts of creation and worship.

It recognizes that perhaps God speaks more than just English, in fact, he may speak the language of the spirit more than we realize.

Getting our creative types involved in worship in this way values their contribution, and broadens our perspective.

Give it a try. It's worked well for us.

(Sorry for the quality image.)



  1. Steve MenshenfriendApril 23, 2008 at 5:09 PM

    That looks like my forehead. ...

  2. Actually Steve, it really does look like your head.

    You could be like a top head double for my son-in-laws dad, I mean if he was ever in the movies and doing stunts that might endanger the top of his head.

    probably not a lot of money in that.

    probably I am tired and should be in bed...

  3. I coordinated an art exhibit for this very purpose at my church some 5 years ago now - but it was decided that it should be displayed in the narthex (entry, foyer, whatever you all call it - I'm from New England!). I cannot tell you how affirming it was for the artists in our congregation - there were a dozen or so who participated, and we had quite an array of different media. I would strongly encourage anyone reading to make something like this happen in their congregations.


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