kinda never fails

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
I have this workshop I am preparing for today and the interruptions keep rolling in.

Involving taking Hillary to the Hospital to have her head examined, which I just turned into a hospital visitation of two of our people up there.

Then called by Lauralea because she's at Safeway and has a flat tire and apparently, though we have never officially talked about it that I can remember, it's the man's job to change the tire.

So Thomas and I went and changed the blooming thing with the icy wind whipping around us. He's now off to try and find another tire.

And I'm back at the office, picking up where I left off half a day ago.

Good thing this isn't a tough prep.


  1. Changing light bulbs and tires. I'm sure it's in your contract...

  2. It is Lauralea. I saw it.....;)

  3. Don't let them define you Randall. Let the inner beatnik out. Rebel against the system man.


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