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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Well I arrived at my father-in-laws for the night. Mom is in Ontario so he and I hit the local small prairie town cafe for the supper buffet.

Ever seen the Corner Gas cafe, The Ruby? Yeah well it ain't that far from the truth. All of us in a big room around our own tables, calling smart remarks at your neighbour eating on the other side of the room. Felt like the dining hall at summer camp. Pretty sure a guy who sounded a lot like Oscar sat behind me and called someone a Jackass...

But the food was hearty and good, so I'm still full.

Still sick though, and getting ready for bed I think.

Tomorrow early, I'm up and off to the RCMP Depot in Regina to get in the graduation of our church's last youth guy, Steve. He's been trained and jumped through all the hoops, so that tomorrow he gets his badge and sworn in. A very big day, so I want to be there for that.

Then, late afternoon I head home.

It's a quiet little town, Broadview, so there isn't much else happening here. Streets are empty and it's gone to bed for the night, so I will too.


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