What a day for an RCMP cadet

Monday, April 28, 2008

Yep, Steve is now a fully fledged and pledged RCMP Officer.
He did really well today, it was an awesome show.

And, he scored near the top in his class for his firearm skills.

So if you are gonna do something illegal, don't do it in Alberta.
The Mounties always get their man. (or woman I suppose...)

More pics here.


  1. You Canadians have all the colour -- colourful money, coloruful fall leaves, colourful (and cool lookin') uniforms... I suppose if the loyalists had held the colonies we'd all be wearing red coats, too.

  2. So ipods are now part of the official uniform? Somehow those white headphone cords just seem a little out of place.

  3. and they get the good iPods, them there SoftTouch iPods, I think.



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