No Manager in the Inn.

Thursday, April 03, 2008
I need a room for meetings I need to be at in Minnedosa Manitoba later on this month.

The few homes that were open, are full up (I prefer those to motels cause you get to meet real people). So this morning I phoned a Motel in that little berg.

The surreal conversation went something like this:

Motel: HELLO? (washing machine howling madly in the background)

Me: Uh hello, I'd like to check on the availability of a room please?

Motel: Um well I don't really have the book here so you'll have to call back.

Me: Uh ok, I was just checking on rates and availability.

Motel: Yeah like I said you'll have to call back cause the manager is away on holiday.

Me: Oh, and they'll be back when?

Motel: Oh you should call back after April 12.

Me: That's cutting it kinda close for me.

Motel: Well when do you want it for anyway?

Me: The weekend of __________________.

Motel: And your name and phone number?

Me: Rand..

Motel: WHAT?

Me: R-A-N-D-A-L-L F-R-I-E-S-E-N


Me: ...

Motel: And your Credit card number?

Me: WHAT? I just want to check the cost and availibility?

Motel: Well you see the MANAGER IS AWAY ON HOLIDAY!

Me: Well I'm not booking a room not knowing the cost!

Motel: Well you'll have to call back then when the manager is here.

Me: ... on April 12...

Motel: Correct.

Me: Still it cuts it kinda close for me.

Motel: Well, if there is a room available I have you down for it. You'll need to call with a credit card number.

Me: (I get the impression she's made notes on a napkin she's found near the washing machine.) I will call.

Motel: Good Bye.

Me: Bye.

Ah, life on the prairies.


  1. Sounds like the place we stayed while there for our family reunion. It was a small town hotel - hardly used it seemed except for road crews and such and those of us desperately needing a place to stay for some reason that did not permit staying in Brandon or the last town before you get to Minnedosa. It meets the basic requirements - barely.

  2. I thought this was a Christmas-themed post "No Manger in the Inn", but then I saw the other "a" there. I also saw the link in your WWRF feed -- I love the inset pictures of coffee makers in all of the room pictures. :)

  3. :)

    yes they do have the coffeemakers!

    and the doors don't quite seem to clear the bedside lamps!

  4. bwahahahahahaha... oh yes, ain't life here grand?

  5. yes....about that....

    I've been trying to book more rooms....and make adjustments for a couple people.....and yes.....the exact same thing.

    I'll talk to Gail this weekend while I'm out there and see if there's any chance you can be billeted.

    lovely small towns!

  6. Don't loose to much sleep over it. Doesn't look like a great cost.

    besides, I can make my own coffee!!

  7. Usually it's small town Saskatchewan taking the brunt of "prairie humour". Good to see Manitoba has joined the ranks. We prairie folks must stick together. ;)


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