A short story about Saskatchewan, cow manure, conservatives and lessons to be learned

Thursday, April 03, 2008
You know how when you are scraping out the barn floor full of a days worth of manure, and its all good and you get the snow shovel moving at a pretty good clip and it's pushing Sh** towards the pit at the other end of the room and then suddenly without warning you hit a little edge in the concrete floor and you suddenly find your self flying up over your shovel and through the Manure and land face first in the pit you were shovelling towards?

You know how that happens?

Well today it happened to a number of Conservatives in Saskatchewan.

Yes it has.

And indeed the great lesson of my mistake was that I learned to shovel with my mouth closed.

Perhaps they can learn from my mistake.


  1. Hi Randall! I have dropped by your blog from time to time on the recommend of Jayson B. from Saskatoon. This particular post caught my eye as I have had this happen clearing sidewalks, ice for skating, and even shoveling grain. It's a tough way to reduce your waist as they remove the damaged parts! Or you may need a lung and heart transplant from time to time. But we all get caught at one time or another!! What matters then is whether we are sorry for what we did or sorry we got caught!
    Good blog!

  2. I guess that's why we're called to pray for our leaders! Perhaps we should start now for those in power 17 years from now so they don't make those same foolish mistakes.

    Politics in general can be so disgusting and degrading.....not to mention sickening.

  3. The comments were totally inappropriate. However, just to provide some context, it should be pointed out that the comments were made 17 years ago, and that apologies which appear to be sincere have been offered.

  4. http://www.thejaywalker.com/pages/shit_happens.html

  5. Just read the link. The opposition are a really great bunch of guys too, aren't they? 18YO tape made of someone speaking off hand trying to sound like a young and aggressive bloke at a time when homophobia was probably a way to win votes.

    It's not quite up there with Max Mosely, but I guess so guys will do anything to try to win an election or do down the other side. I hate how politics has become about hiding sins instead of doing things.

  6. Hey Clayton,

    Welcome to these parts.
    Make yourself at home.



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